SPARC Portal Login

The SPARC Portal provides a single user-facing interface with access to resources developed by the SPARC community to integrate data, computational modeling, and spatial mapping for the peripheral nervous system. Most resources available publicly on the SPARC Portal do not require an account. Some resources, such as requesting access to embargoed data and the time series viewer, require that users be logged in to utilize their full functionality.

SPARC Portal user credentials are managed by the Pennsieve Platform Pennsieve. The Pennsieve platform allows users to register, and login with their email and password, or with their ORCID credentials ORCID iD. On the SPARC Portal, we require that users login with ORCID credentials. Upon initial login to the SPARC Portal via ORCID iD, you will also be creating an account on Pennsieve. If you have an existing Pennsieve account, you can link your ORCID information to this account from the Pennsieve Platform Profile page.

If you login on the SPARC Portal with your ORCID credentials for the first time, you will be prompted to provide an email address to be used as your Pennsieve account username. If you have an existing Pennsieve account, please use the same email address associated with your Pennsieve account as this will automatically associate the ORCID account with the existing Pennsieve account. In this case, you will be prompted to provide your current Pennsieve password.


Terms and Policy Acceptance

Use of the SPARC Portal, its data and resources, regardless of registration status, implies acceptance of the SPARC Data and Resource Center Privacy Policy and adherence to the SPARC Terms of Service and the SPARC Citation Policy. By signing in to SPARC, you are also accepting the Pennsieve Terms of Use and Pennsieve Privacy Policy.

Why do I need a Pennsieve account ?

The Pennsieve Platform provides user-authentication for the SPARC Portal. It handles core functionality around data access and permissions for the SPARC Portal. Many aspects of the SPARC portal are publicly available, but some require authentication (such as requesting early access to embargoed datasets). To enable these functionalities, you will need to register with the SPARC Portal with your ORCID ID.

Interested in contributing data, tools, resources, or knowledge to SPARC?

We are thrilled to announce that as of August 2022, SPARC is accepting datasets from investigators who are not funded through the NIH SPARC program. Learn more about the process to submit your data.

Becoming a registered SPARC user will also be useful for contributing your own data to the SPARC Portal. Users looking to upload data to SPARC need an invitation to the SPARC Consortium Organization (Workspace) on Pennsieve, in addition to a Pennsieve account. Please submit this form to request an invitation.

Questions, concerns, or need help with your SPARC Portal login?

Please reach out to us at [email protected]