DRC Open Office Hours

Join one of our office hours to learn more from the SPARC Data and Resource Center team. All times are US Eastern.

  • Need help organizing and submitting your data, or the curation process? K-Core’s office hours are on Tuesdays (12:00-13:00 EST) and Thursdays (16:00-17:00 EST). Contact K-Core.

  • Need help managing, storing, or tracking data? DAT-Core’s office hours are Mondays (13:00-14:00 EST). Contact DAT-Core.

  • Need help with image data, segmentation, scaffolds and flatmaps? MAP-Core’s office hours are on the last Tuesday of every month (16:00-17:00 EST). Contact MAP-Core.

  • Need help with modeling and simulation? SIM-Core’s office hours are on the last Thursday of every other month (11:00-12:00 EST). Contact SIM-Core.

You can view these events and find the Zoom link in this shared Google Calendar or integrate them into your own calendar using this iCal file.

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