Working with Multiple Views in Maps

The SPARC Portal's maps offer a split screen view option.

By default, the Maps interface only displays one view at a time. If you want to see multiple views next to each other, use the split screen feature.

Working through this step-by-step guide will help you learn the split screen feature.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1. Open the Sidebar by clicking on the chevron icon on the right hand side of the screen (To find out more about working with the sidebar see the “How to use the Sidebar in Maps” tutorial.)


Open sidebar

Step 2. Find a scaffold by scrolling through the sidebar results and click the “View scaffold” button.


View scaffold

Step 3. You will now be presented with the scaffold in the main display. You can collapse the sidebar by clicking on the chevron button.


Collapse sidebar

Step 4. If you want to change back to the MultiFlatmap, all open views are available from the dropdown in the top left corner.


Select view dropdown

Step 5. Alternatively, you have the option to view the scaffold and map next to each other by clicking the Split Screen button in the top right corner.


Split view option

Depending on how many views are loaded, different options will be available to select. In this example we have two views loaded so the options for three and four panes are both disabled.

Step 6. Select the “Vertical split” option. You are now presented with the two views side by side.


Vertical split

Step 7. If you wish to change which map/scaffold is displayed in each panel then you can use the dropdown in the top left corner of each panel to switch the views around.


Change display order

Step 8. Depending on the size of your monitor, some of the map/scaffold may be obscured by some of the controls. You can collapse the pathways and regions controls, and click and drag on the line between the panels to change their size.


Change display layout

Step 9. If you would like to return to a single map/scaffold being displayed you can select the “Split Screen” button and select “Single view.”


Single view

Other features

A number of other features connected with split screens are worth knowing about:

  • Permalinks - When creating a permalink it will remember all the views you have loaded and also the arrangement of the different panels.
  • Change background color - Each panel has its own control to change the background color. This control will only change the specific panel.
  • Zoom - Each panel works independently and the zoom level can be set differently for each panel.
  • Name of the view - you will notice that all views, with the exception of the Multiflatmap, have a number in brackets after it. This number references the ID of the associated dataset.