Image Viewer

An image viewer displays the microscopy image data contained in a SPARC dataset.

Image Viewer

An image viewer displays the microscopy image data contained in a dataset.
Control the image viewer as follows:

  • Zoom in and zoom out of the image by:

    • scrolling with the mouse wheel or
    • clicking the (+) and (-) buttons in zoom controls
  • Additional zoom controls:

  • Click the 100% button to jump to Zoom 100%

  • Fit the image to the window using the Zoom to Fit button
    ImageViewer Zoom Controls

  • The dynamic scale bar updates as you zoom in and out of the image.

  • The Macro View window displays a mini view of the entire image and outlines the region displayed in the main viewer window. Click in the macro view window to display that portion of the image.

ImageViewer Controls

  • The Z slider is displayed if the image is 3D. Move through the image Z planes by dragging the slider. Use the up- and down-arrow buttons to move through the image Z planes one at a time.
  • Click View focal image thumbnails to toggle the display of thumbnail images for each Z plane below the main viewer window. Use the scroll bar or the (+) and (-) buttons to move through the Z plane thumbnails. Click a thumbnail image to select and view that Z position.
  • Select More information to reveal more options in the Image Viewer.
    • Click Images to view thumbnails of other images in the dataset collection. Clicking a thumbnail will launch the Biolucida Web Viewer in another window and display the image.
    • Click Image Information to view information about the current image.
    • Clicking Help will take you to the Biolucida User Guide.

More Info image

  • Below the image, file-level metadata is provided, including modality, channel target labels, and image scaling.

Image Viewer metadata