The SPARC Program core in charge of the o²S²PARC platform


The SPARC Modeling and Simulation Core (SIM-Core) is implemented by the IT’IS Foundation, located in Zurich, Switzerland.

IT’IS Foundation is a nonprofit research foundation closely affiliated with the ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). It was established to develop electromagnetic near-field characterization and exposure equipment, dosimetric evaluation methods, and to investigate EM-tissue interactions. IT’IS actively conducts research in areas including neuroprosthetics, bioelectric medicine, transcranial EM stimulation, and spinal cord stimulation for the restoration of locomotion to paraplegics.

As part of the SPARC Data and Resource Center (DRC), SIM-Core develops and maintains o²S²PARC, an interactive, online simulation platform that hosts SPARC computational models and solvers. It allows collaborative development and sharing, model coupling and cloud-based execution, data visualization and analysis, and ensures sustainability of the computational models developed within SPARC. o²S²PARC enables users to create predictive, multiscale, multi-physics models spanning from modulation sources acting on the peripheral nervous system (PNS) to the resulting modulation of organ functional response.

Contact for o²S²PARC

Depending on your interests, there are several ways to reach us.

Contact o²S²PARC Support

For submitting questions, feedback, or bug reports specifically about o²S²PARC you can:

  1. Submit your issue using a Google form that can be accessed by pressing the speech bubble button after logging into o²S²PARC and choosing the Anonymous feedback option (see below). The feedback icon is located on the top right corner of the o²S²PARC GUI.

  2. Submit an issue via GitHub by pressing the speech bubble button after logging into o²S²PARC and choosing the Issue in GitHub option (see below). We are open source and are happy to get input from the developer community!

SIM Feedback

For feedback about the SPARC Portal or services available on the SPARC Portal, you can submit a feedback form directly from the portal using the Site Feedback link located in the footer of every page.

SIM Site Feedback

Get an Account

o²S²PARC is accessible via the SPARC Portal where you can view computational pipelines that have been published by SPARC researchers. Login is not required for that purpose, but in the “anonymous mode" the accessible functionality is restricted. To take advantage of the full platform functionality, you will need to register for an account. You can request an account by sending an email to [email protected].

General Information

For general questions about the SIM-Core, please contact Elisabetta Iavarone or Esra Neufeld by Slack (using the SPARC Slack account).

Support Documentation for o²S²PARC

For general documentation on using the o²S²PARC platform, you can find a user manual on the website. There, we provide information on the user interface, o²S²PARC features, as well as tutorials to get you started on building your own modeling pipelines.