SPARC Repository for NIH HEAL projects

Description of how SPARC supports projects for the HEAL initiative.

SPARC is one of the recommended repositories for NIH HEAL funded projects. Specifically, SPARC support the the NIH HEAL RE-JOIN Program and the NIH HEAL PRECISION Program. SPARC also accepts datasets from other initiatives in HEAL and other NIH efforts if they fit within the scope of the SPARC repository. SPARC leverages the Pennsieve platform to support data sharing and data publishing.

If you are part of the HEAL RE-JOIN or HEAL Precision initiative, you should have been invited to join the HEAL RE-JOIN or the HEAL PRECISION workspace on the Pennsieve platform and you can create new datasets yourself following the following data submission workflow Data Submission Walkthrough Intro

If you are part of a different HEAL effort, you might still qualify to publish your data on SPARC, or you can publish your data directly through the Pennsieve platform. You can find more information about this here: Pennsieve Open Data Repository

Have questions about this process or other ways that SPARC can support your research, please contact us through this form or via email: [email protected]