SPARC Portal Schema

This document provides guidance on the repository schema publicly available to users.

Documentation for SPARC K-Core APIs is provided via a Gitbook. The SPARC K-Core APIs and associated services are provided by the FAIR Data Informatics Laboratory at the University of California, San Diego. Access to APIs is provided via The Gitbook provides information on setting up your environment to access the services (i.e., setting up an API key). SPARC metadata services are provided via an Elasticsearch endpoint. The metadata is extracted from K-Core’s metadata export and processed via the FDI Lab’s Foundry - a message-oriented, horizontally scalable ETL system for scientific data integration and enhancement (Ozyurt and Grethe 2018). Instructions for submitting API requests and information about the Elasticsearch JSON data model are also available. Data model documentation is provided via an annotated set of results from Elasticsearch for a SPARC dataset.