User Accounts and Teams

SPARC DAT-Core organization

Organization on the DAT-Core

All SPARC investigators have access to the SPARC Consortium organization on the DAT-Core platform Pennsieve/

The SPARC Organization:
The SPARC organization will host all SPARC data (private, shared, and embargoed). User accounts to this organization will be managed by the DAT-Core. To request access to the SPARC organization on the Pennsieve platform, please complete the SPARC invitation request form. Access to embargoed data will be restricted until users sign a confidentiality disclosure agreement (CDA). By signing the CDA, SPARC awardees agree not to unilaterally publish or disseminate data made available from other labs and not to use data for commercial purposes during the embargo period without a license. Once users have signed the CDA and have agreed to the SPARC Material Sharing Policy, they will be granted access to the SPARC Embargoed Data Sharing Group (see section on teams below).

SPARC Teams in the SPARC organization

Once users join the SPARC organization, each user will be placed onto a team with other users from the same SPARC award. It is also possible to create any number of teams comprised of SPARC investigators (i.e., users with access to the SPARC organization). Teams will be used to set data access rights and roles for submitted datasets. The SPARC organization also contains a Data Curation team and a SPARC Embargoed Data Sharing Group team.


All SPARC investigators can join the SPARC Slack . SPARC uses Slack to foster collaboration and communication between investigators within the SPARC program.

If you are interested in joining the Slack account, please complete Slack signup form.

SPARC Slack includes many useful channels for SPARC Consortium members including:

  • #curation-support, SPARC data curation support
  • #ads, posting of job openings
  • #member-updates, updates to the SPARC Airtable
  • #news-publications
  • #sparc-announcements, general announcements for consortium members
  • #sparc-twitter, posts from the twitter feed
  • #sparc-science-pings, status of the various SPARC Portal-related services.

SPARC o²S²PARC Account Access

For full access to o²S²PARC, SPARC researchers and affiliates are encouraged to send an account request email to [email protected] with your name and SPARC project. We will reply to this email with a single-use account creation link where the requester can register. An email confirmation for the account will be sent to the registered email (be sure to check the spam folder), and after activation, the account will be active indefinitely. Users will then be able to access their accounts by logging in to o²S²PARC. For any questions or issues regarding account creation, you may contact us directly at [email protected] or through submission of Portal feedback. for SPARC Users is a platform where any researcher can create a protocol, and that protocol can be referenced using a digital object identifier, or DOI. works with thousands of journals which encourage the use of to improve the reproducibility of the manuscript. SPARC investigators can use under the SPARC group. Detailed instructions for how to create or share a protocol are available here.

MBF Bioscience Segmentation Software

All SPARC investigators have access to MBF Bioscience software for FAIR microscopic image segmentation, analysis, and mapping needs. Available software applications include Neurolucida 360, Vesselucida 360 , TissueMaker , Tissue Mapper, and MicroFile+. Contact [email protected] for installation, license provision, and technical support.

Please contact the mapcore-support channel on SPARC Slack for further information or assistance.