Submit a Dataset to SPARC

Can I submit my data or models for publication on SPARC?


SPARC is now an open repository!

The SPARC repository is developed as part of the NIH SPARC initiative and has been used by SPARC funded investigator groups to curate and publish high quality datasets related to the autonomic nervous system. We are thrilled that as of August 2022, SPARC is accepting datasets from investigators that are not funded through the NIH SPARC program.

If you are interested in publishing your scientific data or models on SPARC to ensure that your dataset will have significant impact, please reach out to us by sending an email to [email protected].

Over the next year, we will continue to add new functionality to our platform to make it easier for any investigator to leverage the tools and platforms that have been developed within the SPARC consortium over the last years. We are eager to work with you to ensure your data reaches maximal potential impact.

Help us understand how to better support investigators; tell us your data sharing priorities in this survey.

What’s Next

If you'd like to submit your dataset to SPARC, visit