Scaffold Mapping Tools: Adding Provenance

How to provide provenance information about software used to map SPARC data

Enabling others to reproduce our work is a very important component of what we do. To this end we provide provenance information about the software that was used to map the data. With the same input and provenance information defining what tool was used to produce an output, anybody should be able to reproduce what we have created.

Go to the File menu (top left), and click on the Open action. Find the provenance-report directory (see note) and select the map-client-workflow.proj file.

Note: The provenance-report directory is a sibling directory to the sparc-data-mapping directory, which should be the current directory when the file chooser dialog presents itself. If this is not the case, the provenance-report directory can be found here: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\MusculoSkeletal\MAPClient-Workflows\, where username is your username.

To configure this workflow,

  1. Right-click on the SerialiseOutput icon, click on the Configure option.

  2. Select the Output directory (For the demonstration dataset this would be DATASET_ROOT\derivative\scaffold)

  3. Name the file as mouse_colon_provenance.json, click on the Save button.

  4. Click on the OK button.

MTv17 provenance1
Figure 1: MAP Client showing configuration dialog for provenance-report workflow Dict Serializer step, highlighting the: Output set to an output file, and OK button.

Run this workflow by clicking on the Execute button located at the bottom right of the window.

MTv17 provenance2
Figure 2: MAP Client showing provenance-report workflow highlighting the Execute button.

In this way, a provenance record is generated in the directory specified in the output option for the Dict Serializer step. Below, the mouse_colon_provenance.json file shows the provenance information about the version of the MAPClient from which the colon scaffold WebGL data was generated.

MTv17 provenance3
Figure 3: Notepad++ showing the output of the provenance-report workflow.

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