How to Clean an ORCID Profile

SPARC's instructions to clean up an ORCID profile

How to remove works that are not “final” from your ORCID profile

After logging into your ORCID profile, you will notice that there are buttons that suggest how an item is shared with the public. In the example below, I have turned on sharing (green people) and turned off sharing (red lock) by clicking on these icons in my ORCID profile.

ORCID Image1

How to sort your works in ORCID (green box on the right of the works section)

Sorting can be done by date, by work type (this is alphabetical), or by title. This is not ideal for those of us who would like to have a version of record of our peer-reviewed papers show up first in the works section. ORCID staff have been alerted of this request. For the time being, we suggest that you hide unwanted works using the private button.

ORCID Image 2

How to combine two versions of work to reduce the clutter in your ORCID account

There may be multiple versions of the same dataset that are now cluttering your profile. If you select multiple versions (the checkbox on the left-hand side of the entry), you should now be able to combine them into one by clicking on the COMBINE button right under the works section.

ORCID Image 3

Deleting duplicate entries can be accomplished using the DELETE button.