October 11, 2021


  • The About page has been redesigned to provide users with more information; as a result, some Help Center content has been migrated to the new About page.
  • A dataset's author list will no longer need to be expanded to show all authors.
  • The Devices category is now displayed on the Tools and Resources page, featuring tools relevant to SPARC Portal users.
  • On the Home page, the View more button under Find Data by Category returns all datasets the Find Data page.
  • In the Footer, the Site Feedback link routes users to the new Contact Us page.
  • On the Maps page, the flatmap now includes a disclaimer indicating that all species' flatmaps are derived from rat anatomy.
  • On the Home page, the hero image now emphasizes nerves and nerve pathways more than organs.
  • The version history of datasets now includes a revisions column, which allows the last updated date to align with the version history.
  • The SPARC Portal Help Center presented updates including the addition of the SPARC Image Minimal Information Standard, and to the Overview of Image Viewer help article.