This page describes the various accounts and resources that are available to the SPARC investigators.

Organizations on the DAT-Core

All SPARC investigators have access to two organizations on the DAT-Core platform (Blackfynn):

  1. The SPARC Consortium organization: The SPARC Consortium organization will host all SPARC data (private, shared, and embargoed). User accounts to this organization will be managed by the DAT-CORE. Access to embargoed data will be restricted until users sign a confidentiality disclosure agreement (CDA). By signing the CDA, SPARC awardees agree not to unilaterally publish or disseminate data made available from other labs and not to use data for commercial purposes during the embargo period without a license. Once users have signed the CDA and have agreed to the SPARC Material Sharing Policy, they will be granted access to the SPARC Embargoed Data Sharing Group (see section on teams below).

  2. A private organization for their lab: These accounts should no longer be used for SPARC related efforts and will be transitioned to Blackfynn’s standard free academic subscription model by March 2019 (Blackfynn academic subscription). The private lab accounts were created for individual labs during the first year of the DAT-Core effort. However, starting in December 2018, all SPARC related data should be hosted in the SPARC Consortium organization.

SPARC Teams in the SPARC Consortium

Once users join the SPARC Consortium organization, each user will be placed onto a team with other users from the same SPARC award. It is also possible to create any number of teams comprised of SPARC investigators (i.e. users with access to the SPARC Consortium organization). Teams will be used to set data access rights and roles for submitted datasets. The SPARC Consortium organization also contains a Data Curation team and a SPARC Embargoed Data Sharing Group team.


All SPARC investigators can join the SPARC Slack. SPARC uses Slack to foster collaboration and communication between investigators within the SPARC program. If you are interested in joining the Slack account, send a message to Leonardo Guercio from the DAT-Core ( SPARC Slack includes many useful channels for SPARC Consortium members includiing:

SPARC Datathon 2018 TalentLMS

SPARC used TalentLMS for documentation, tutorials and resources for the 2018 Datathon meeting. Following the meeting the material has been consolidated into a single “course” which can be accessed with the credentials:

  • user name: sparc
  • password: sparc2

Please contact the mapcore-support channel on SPARC Slack for further information or assistance.


Airtable will be used to provide contact information for SPARC investigators and to define Teams on the Blackfynn platform (see above). The SPARC Airtable can be accessed here. SPARC team members are encouraged to check and frequently update information. For access, please contact Charles Horn at the University of Pittsburgh using email ( and include project PI name and title.