In order to interact with embargoed data within SPARC, investigators will have to sign the SPARC CDA


The SPARC program requires that recipients of certain awards share their data with the SPARC Consortium upon completion of milestones from which the data was generated (including pre-publication data). This data is considered to be embargoed before sharing with the public one year later. NIH, through the DAT-CORE, shall permit individuals to access such confidential information available in the DAT-CORE only if the individual has certified his or her agreement to comply with the terms of the SPARC Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA) and the SPARC Material Sharing Policy.

The CDA is designed to legally protect investigators who are sharing pre-publication data. By signing the agreement, you agree not to unilaterally publish or publicly disclose others’ embargoed data or use them for commercial purposes without a license. A link to this agreement can be found below.

Requesting access to the embargoed data

There are three steps involved in gaining access to embargoed data on the DAT-Core:

  1. The user should already be a member of the SPARC Consortium Organization on the DAT-CORE platform.
  2. The user downloads the CDA, signs and scans the document, and emails a signed copy to Leonardo Guercio from the DAT-CORE ( The DAT-CORE will maintain a copy of all signed SPARC CDAs. A list of SPARC investigators who have signed the CDA can be found here.
  3. After verification of the request, the user is added to the SPARC Embargoed Data Sharing Group team.