This page presents the software currently under development for assisting SPARC investigators during data organization and submission


The idea for SODA emanated during the December 2018 SPARC Hackathon. It is a software intended to simplify the organization, and submission process of SPARC datasets by handling complex and/or repetitive tasks through an intuitive and interactive interface. SODA will provide an interactive interface that, without requiring any coding knowledge, walks SPARC investigators step-by-step through the data organization and sharing workflow all the while automating repetitive, complex and/or time-consuming tasks. SODA is distributed as a desktop application for Windows, MAC OS, and Linux. It is currently under development and will be released progressively as features are incorporated. In October 2019, SODA will assist users in organizing their files/folders automatically, generating their metadata conveniently, and submitting their datasets to Blackfynn. In December 2019, users will be able to push and organize files/folders of a dataset directly on Blackfynn thus avoiding the need to create duplicate files locally. In February 2020, it will be possible to validate datasets using the validator developed by the Curation Team. In April 2020, users will be able to manipulate and annotate datasets on Blackfynn. In May 2020, SODA will permit to rapidly convert file format into a SPARC-defined standard format.


To download the application, please visit our Github page.


For reporting any problems/bugs with the software, please open a new issue on the Issues tab of our Github page. Provide adequate information (operating system, steps leading to error, screenshots) so we can help you efficiently.


  • Bhavesh Patel - California Medical Innovations Institute
  • Parya Aghasafari - UC Davis
  • Karl Helmer - Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Harshit Srivastava - California Medical Innovations Institute.