This page provides information about the SPARC DAT-Core


The SPARC Data Core (DAT-Core) is implemented by Blackfynn Inc. Blackfynn develops cloud based solutions for data management and analysis for the Neurosciences. As part of the SPARC OT award, Blackfynn will develop functionality in their platform to support the SPARC data workflow. The platform is developed with sustainability in mind assuring that the DAT-Core platform will continue to be viable beyond the funding horizon of the SPARC program, and beyond the scope of the SPARC initiative.

Contact the DAT-Core

There are a number of ways to get in contact with the DAT-Core:

  1. For all support questions about the platform, feedback, or bug reports, please use the “Get Help” button after logging into the platform to send the DAT-Core a message (see below). This is the best method to reach the DAT-Core development team, and will be prioritized within Blackfynn to guarantee a quick response.

    Get Help

  2. For more general questions about the SPARC effort, and the role of the DAT-Core, please contact Leonardo Guercio or Joost Wagenaar by email or Slack (using the SPARC Slack account).

  3. For other general questions about Blackfynn, use the contact form on the Blackfynn website.

Support documentation for the DAT-Core

The SPARC DAT-Core is implemented by Blackfynn and SPARC investigators can refer to the documentation that comes with the Blackfynn platform as a reference for the SPARC DAT-Core. There are two documentation sites for the Blackfynn platform:

  1. General documentation: General documentation about the DAT-Core platform and ways to leverage the platform for scientific data management can be found here: Blackfynn Documentation.
  2. Developer center: Documentation for developers can be found here: Developer Documentation. The developer center can be used to download the Blackfynn client tools, see the open API, and can be referenced for tutorials for MATLAB, Python, and CLI.

Using Blackfynn outside of SPARC

SPARC investigators are allowed to use the Blackfynn platform to organize their own scientific data outside of the SPARC effort within their individual accounts. The individual accounts are limited to match the Blackfynn Academic subscription model (Blackfynn Academia). Contact Blackfynn if you have any questions about Blackfynn Academia.