May 2, 2024


  • Front end frameworks have been migrated to Vue 3 and Nuxt 3, from Vue 2 and Nuxt 2
  • The "Map" category in the portal header has been updated to "SPARC Apps" which now houses features of the SPARC Ecosystem that all users of the SPARC Portal can utilize, including Maps and oSPARC. More SPARC Apps will be added before the end of 2024
  • The sitemap.xml is now accessible for interrogation by SEO robots, enhancing the portal visibility and search engine optimization efforts


  • Now, when users select a dataset and then navigate back using the back button, they are automatically returned to the filtered or sorted list they had applied to the dataset list, maintaining their browsing context and enhancing user experience
  • The Tools and Resources landing page now provides direct navigation to the Tools and Resources section, eliminating the need for an intermediate landing page and streamlining the user experience
  • The tombstone page now automatically displays the date when the dataset was removed