April 11, 2023


  • A SPARC Portal metrics visualization is now available on the Portal's 'About' page via the SPARC Data and Usage Statistics link
  • A search term with zero results in a browse category search bar now returns results in other categories
  • The 'Request Access' to embargoed datasets button now has a tooltip sign-in prompt
  • The image viewer now has the option for a Neurolucida360 Cloud version (in addition to the 3D view)
  • Flatmaps results now highlight corresponding featured datasets on the homepage


  • Monthly metrics summary report to dataset owners now includes dataset name
  • The newsletter signup page has been updated
  • The ‘Find Data’ category on the Portal header has been renamed ‘Data and Models’
  • The 'Anatomical Focus' faceted brows category under 'Find Data' has been renamed 'Focus'
  • A thumbnail directing to the Help Center URL is now visible during social share