This page outlines the steps to connect directly to Blackfynn in MBF Bioscience software to upload and download data folders (if you have an internet connection).


Before you move files to and from Blackfynn using MBF Bioscience software, you need to configure the Blackfynn Agent. This procedure only needs to be done once:

  1. Download and install the Blackfynn Agent (v. 0.2.7) from

  2. Create the folders necessary for your datasets on the Blackfynn platform according to the appropriate SPARC dataset structure (you can’t create folders in MBF Bioscience software).

  3. From MBF Bioscience software, connect to the Blackfynn platform. Click the SPARC BLACKFYNN PLATFORM button in the TRACE ribbon bar and log in using your Blackfynn login information.


  4. Create an API key to enable the Upload functionality (you only need to do this once unless you wish to use different profiles):

    a. Click CREATE API TOKEN.


    b. Enter an API PROFILE NAME (any name that makes sense to you).

    c. Click GENERATE.



  • To download a single file, click the name of the file and save it locally.

  • To download all the files from a folder, click the name of the folder to view all the files located in the folder, click the DOWNLOAD ALL button, and save the files locally.



To upload a folder (you can’t upload individual files):

  1. Click the UPLOAD button.

  2. Select folder to upload.


NOTE: Do NOT include spaces in your folder names. Uploading folders with names that include spaces will fail.